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Karvy Financial Academy

    Basics Of Stock Market

    10 Golden rules of investing

    No matter what kind of trader you are, a few golden rules of investing will help you achieve your financial goals and maximize profits and get high financial returns with our stock tips, strategies and analysis for trading and investment in share market.

    10 tips for long term investors

    The importance of having a financial plan will help you evaluate your priorities better. A comprehensive financial plan will help you divide your investments as per your short/medium/long term needs and will help you lay a framework on steps to attain the same.

    10 trading advice for new traders

    Trading in shares requires proper understanding of all financial products as they are closely related. Inexperienced traders should be well versed of trading methods as well as risk and return associated with investment in shares.

    10 ways of Managing Money in Securities Trading

    Investors/traders cannot control volatility at market place but they can certainly manage their money by adopting effective money management techniques/tools in absence of which there is always possibility of losing part or whole invested money.

    10 Schemes to Invest in India

    There are various investment options available for investors in India, what’s important is to decide on the time-period and amount. Focus, commitment and patience are important no matter which scheme you choose as all are good in their individual capacities.

    10 IPOs to look for in 2016

    India had a splendid show of Initial Public Offers (IPO) during 2015 as compared to its Asian peers. Companies have raised an estimated total of $2.1 billion to meet their various objectives through IPO and are expected to raise over $5 billion in 2016.