3 degree analysis of stock to make
the right investment

The best trading platform that provides valuable data critical for important decisions.

Karvy NEST, a free stock market software is an integrated system for trading. Embedded with many technical indicators and charts, it gives a comprehensive perspective on scrips. Get thorough analysis of stock by way of comparison and statistics.


KarvyOnline Web -User Manual

NEST application’s
Top Notch Features

Market data

You can look at all market statistics of stocks

Market Watch Groups

Track your favorite list of stocks by creating market watch groups

Place buy/sell orders

Trade by placing buy/sell order as per your choice


You can view open orders, traded orders, rejected orders, etc


Know the available cash margin and the margins utilized for the orders


Order report, trade report, back office and DP reports

Add-on tools

Set alerts and triggers to keep track of index and stocks

What makes Karvy NEST
a class apart?

  • Advanced Charts

    Our Desktop application provides more than 64 Technical indicators in a single scrip

  • Indepth Analysis of Scrips

    Get detailed price movements of scrips to take the best investment moves

  • Portfolio in detail

    View your positions any moment

Start trading by downloading NEST software now


System Requirements for NEST application

a. 500 MHz Pentium III or compatible, 256MB RAM, 15MB Hard Disk Space b. Windows XP or later, Internet Explorer 7 or higher

Free Demat & Trading A/c – Get up to Rs.5,500/-*