A mutual fund is a sort of investment that gathers cash from a broad pool of investors to invest in equity, debt, and global securities in addition to gold-based investment goals. You can depend on the abilities of professional specialists who handle the pooled cash as fund managers of your mutual fund.

Investing in mutual funds offers you as an individual investor with a means of investing in a variety of securities across equity, debt, and global markets that you may find difficult to invest on your own.

At Karvy, our Expert Analysts do extensive research to provide you the best so that it becomes easier to choose a scheme that fulfills your need and goals. We offer:

  • Mutual Fund Schemes from 35+ AMCs
  • Research Reports (Existing Schemes, NFOs, Performance Reports, etc.)
  • Portfolio Re-balancing (based on dynamic market conditions and ongoing trends)
  • Top Mutual Funds based on Ratings and Performance

Features of Mutual Funds

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Benefits of Mutual Funds

Professional Management

Mutual Funds are professionally managed by fund managers who thoroughly track the market and trace the winning stocks and appropriate times to buy and sell.


Mutual Funds have a default advantage of diversification, as fund managers invest across a variety of asset classes and stocks.


Mutual fund agreements bind the issuer in buying back mutual funds unit on any dealing day, irrespective of the number of units you hold.


Before investment, investors get all information about the fund’s outlook and strategy and after investing, unit holders get regular updates on the value of the investment.

What are the benefits of Investment with Karvy

  • Variety of investment options

    We offer the opportunity to invest in Equity Funds, Balanced Funds, Debt Funds and Tax saving Funds across 1600+ funds of 30 AMCs.

  • Huge Clientele Base

    Over 17 Lakh clients have invested in mutual funds with us.

  • Easily accessible

    Our office network is spread across 29 states and still expanding.

  • Economical

    We levy no brokerage charges, handling charges, annual maintenance charge or any other hidden costs for mutual fund transactions.

  • Investment Flexibility

    With Karvy, you have the options to invest in Lump sum, Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) and New Fund Offers (NFO) across all segments.


Based on expert research, following is a list of best mutual funds to invest in.

Mutual Funds - FAQs

What are the additional benefits investing through Karvy OIA Platform?

  • Hassle free Paperless Investment
  • Choose from a wide range of Mutual Fund schemes
  • Portfolio Tracking
  • Financial Tools like SIP Calculator to aid decision making
  • One click Switch/Redeem option

Do I need to submit any documents to open Karvy OIA Account?

✓ You need to provide your PAN and Bank A/c details via cancelled cheque leaf, bank statement or front page of the bank account passbook. No additional documents are required.

Can I complete my KYC registration in Karvy OIA Platform?

✓ Yes. You can complete your KYC registration within 10 minutes on Karvy OIA Platform.

What are the transactions that I can do through Karvy OIA?

✓ Karvy OIA holders can make the following transactions as well:

Why should I choose to invest in a mutual fund?

For retail investors who do not have the time and expertise to analyze and invest in stocks and bonds, mutual funds offer a viable investment alternative. This is because:

  • New Fund Offer (NFO)
  • SIP Insure
  • Additional Purchase
  • National Pension Scheme (NPS)
  • Instant Redemption
  • Loan against Mutual Fund Units
  • Switch/Redeem Funds
  • Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) and Systematic Withdrawal Plan (SWP)
  • Offline to Online

What are payment options available to invest in mutual funds through Karvy OIA?

✓ Payment modes available in Karvy OIA are:

  • Net Banking
  • Debit Card
  • UPI
  • NACH Mandate

How many banks accounts can I add in Karvy OIA?

✓ You can add up to 5 bank accounts.

Can I update my nominee details in online through Karvy OIA?

✓ Yes. You can Add/Edit your nominee details from the My Profile section in your Karvy OIA.

Can I redeem my units online through Karvy OIA?

✓ Karvy OIA provides you one click redemption facility


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