Futures are standardized contracts that happen over exchange. Both the buyer and the seller have the obligation to fulfill the contract. As future prices change every day, the difference in prices is settled on daily basis through a process called mark to market. Future contracts are the best hedging tools and are used to limit the risk exposure faced by an investor. Trade smartly with the help of our in depth research reports and competent financial advisors.

Benefits of futures trading

Futures trading enables in price discovery

Uncertainty regarding the future price of an asset is eliminated as the prices are already fixed through futures contract.

Trade even with low margin amount

Get access to a financial asset with a smaller deposit/margin. You need not pay the total value of the contract.

Risk Management

Futures trading reduce the risk by way of Hedging and Arbitrage.

Options allow more flexibility as the buyer has no obligation to fulfill the contract. Call option gives the right to the buyer to purchase the asset at particular price by paying premium whereas the seller of the call option has an obligation to sell the asset at specific price. Put option buyer has the right to sell asset at specific price whereas the put option seller has the obligation to buy the asset.

Benefits of Options trading


Option trading is a flexible investment tool. You can exercise the contract if it is favourable or else exit the contract.

Chances of huge unlimited profit

As a call option buyer, you can benefit from unlimited profit when the stock moves higher. As a put option buyer, you can benefit from unlimited profit when the stock moves lower.

Limited Loss

Buyer of an option contract can incur loss that is limited to premium alone.

Make money all the time

Option trading enables you to earn money irrespective of the market being up or down.

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