What is Trading Account?

Trading account is necessary to buy or sell shares in the stock market. Your trading account acts as a link between your bank account and demat account. Demat account is one that holds your shares in electronic format. What is the purpose of trading account? For example, when you buy a share, money from bank account is transferred to trading account so that you can buy share. The shares you receive are credited to your demat account.

How to Open Trading Account?

It’s a very simple and easy process. You can open a trading account in just 15 minutes by clicking http://bit.ly/2uNt3wP. Your PAN number, AADHAAR, bank statement and signature on a white background are needed to open a trading account online. Trading can be done at your convenience from anywhere using mobile trading app. The app provides research reports and allows you to do all transactions related to trading through the app itself.

Best online trading account:

Karvy Stock Broking offers the best online trading account for beginners. Karvy’s top notch services are as follows:

  • Research reports and recommendations by experts
  • Customized investment solutions
  • Professional Financial Advisors
  • World class trading platforms
  • Pan India presence

Advantages of trading account:

The following are the benefits of trading account:

  • Shares buying and selling:
    With trading account, you can buy and sell shares. Online trading account helps you to trade at faster speeds. Placing orders, monitoring portfolio, creating watch list, etc. can be done through your trading account. You can trade at your convenience and preferred time using mobile trading app as well.

  • 3 in one account:
    You can trade in equity, commodity and also invest in mutual funds using one single account without any hassles.

  • Faster Execution:
    Experience tensionless trading using high speed online trading platforms. No delays and no worries as it is the safest and secured way to trade. You can trade through your desktop, laptop and even through your smart phone.

Documents required for opening trading account:

Opening trading account is an easy process that can be done in just 15 minutes. AADHAAR, PAN card, bank statement, personalized cheque, signature on white background and passport photograph are required to open an account.

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