Is it possible to give delivery instructions to Karvy over Internet and if yes how?

Yes. NSDL / CDSL launched a facility for delivering instructions to Karvy over Internet, called SPEED-e / easiest. The facility can be used by all registered users. Karvy will help you in registering for the facility.

How does the Internet Facility work?

You can submit delivery instructions electronically, on the SPEED-e website after Karvy has authorised you to operate your account through the SPEED-e facility. You can monitor the status of such delivery instructions to ensure that the instructions have been executed. Similarly for availing easiest facility pl log on to

How can I, as a Demat Account-holder / Clearing Member benefit from Internet Facility ?

The benefit offered by SPEED-e / easiest to a demat account holder / Clearing Member is the convenience of conducting demat account transactions using an Internet connection from anywhere at anytime eliminating paperwork. Time and efforts for obtaining delivery instruction forms and submitting them to Karvy every time you sell securities is saved.

How can I register myself for SPEED-e / easiest ?

For using the SPEED-e / easiest facility it is essential that your DP must be registered with NSDL / CDSL for this facility. There are two types of users for this facility, one is password based user who logs in with his password and can transfer securities only to three pre-specified broker accounts of his choice. The second is the smart-card based user who is issued a smart card for logging on to the site and can transfer the securities to any account. A password user can visit website; fill-up the registration form available on the website. The website would allot a registration number and the DP of the client would authorise him for using the facility upon submission of a request with the registration number. A smart card user can download the form from the website, fill it and submit the same to Karvy. Karvy will process the form and enable the client for using the facility. The smart card user will also be issued a smart card reader and a smart card.

What is the difference between Smart-card and Password based access to SPEED-e?

Smart card based access to SPEED-e is more secure as your identification is based both on "What you have i.e. smart card" and "what you know i.e. PIN code" and provides a digital signature to identify you. In the case of password based access, you should handle your password carefully. In view of this security difference, the password based users have been permitted to transfer securities through internet facility to only three pre-specified broker accounts. These three accounts can be changed by the user.

How does one operate jointly held Demat Accounts through SPEED-e?

For password based operation, only one user can operate the account. Joint holders will have to give a power of attorney to one joint holder among themselves. For smart card based operation, in addition to what is stated above, all the joint holders can operate the account independently or jointly using multiple authorisation facility.