How will I know that Karvy has updated my account after each transaction?

Karvy will give you a Transaction Statement periodically, which will detail your current balances and the various transactions you have done through the depository account. If you so desire, Karvy may provide Transaction Statement at intervals shorter than the stipulated ones, probably at a cost.

At what frequency will I receive my Transaction Statement from Karvy?

You will receive a Transaction Statement from Karvy once in a quarter if there are no transactions. If you have done any transaction, you will receive the statement for that month.

What is to be done if there are any discrepancies in my transaction statement?

In case of any discrepancy in the transaction statement, you can contact Karvy for clarification

What happens if I lose my Transaction Statement?

You should inform your DP and obtain a duplicate Transaction Statement.

What security do I have if the only proof of my holdings in the depository is merely a piece of paper indicating my account balance?

No transaction can be effected in your account without your written authorisation. Further, if you are away for a long time, you have the facility of freezing your account wherein only credits into your account will be allowed and no debit will be possible.

What will happen if my DP goes bankrupt or stops operation?

In a rare event of DP going bankrupt or closing the operations, the interests of the investors will be fully protected. In such a situation, the investors will be given an option of either transferring the securities to a new DP or they may rematerialise the securities.

Can I freeze my account?

NSDL / CDSL system provides the facility to freeze the depository accounts for any debits or for both, debits and credits. In an account which is "freezed for debits", no debits will be permitted from the account, till the time it is unfreezed.