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We provide a host of features which will provide a delightful trading experience by assisting you in making informed trade decisions. Our trading platform is extremely user friendly and easy to operate. A client demo can be arranged by our OSD team to encourage online trading. Trades can also be placed via SMS and mobile application as well. Only a single login id is provided to conduct trade either through desktop, laptop or mobile.

In our endeavour to create a knowledgeable and informed investor, our research experts are available at all times to guide on stock specific recommendations and market trends as well.

With the advent of technology, client can have a one-on-one interaction with our research experts thorough video chat organised at our branch locations at regular intervals.

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Technical research reports analyse past market data, primarily price and volume to show the movement of the particular stock. Technical analysis primarily studies demand and supply to determine the trend that will continue in future.


Fundamental analysis analyzes the underlying forces that estimate the value of a company. Company’s past and present situations are looked into to determine the price of the stock. Fundamental analysis focuses on company statistics, industry and economy of the country.